Welcome to Egholm castle


A door ajar - Tour

Join us on a very special tour when the door is slammed open for Egholm Castle.

Saturday the 05.02.2022 at 10:30

Sunday 06.02.2022 at 11:00 

Saturday 26.03.2022 at 10:15

Price DKK 90 per person.

This day, Rikke Falck will show around a couple of the private living rooms at Egholm Castle.

The trip also goes underground to see the breaks from the first Egholm. Egholm is one of Denmark's oldest manors, which was established in the Middle Ages.

The current main building stands on the remains of a rampart, which can be dated back to the 13th century. Egholm Castle is beautifully situated in Hornsherred surrounded by a small grove, close to bog and meadow.

Today the owner is Ole Falck,who has re-established the connection between the main building, park and the surrounding agriculture. Practical information Meeting place: We start and end at Egholm Museum

Mediator: Rikke Falck - In Danish

Egholm slot gårdsiden

Egholm Slot

Egholm Castle was built in 1842 by Wolfgang Von Haffner.

It is one with its 2000 m2 living space a small castle but with great history.

The castle which is located on the islet today is the 4th on the site and, threads can be drawn from Egholm back to the 13th century and to the murder of King Klipping in Finderup barn in the year 1286.


Book a tour

It is now possible to book a tour of some of the private living rooms at Egholm Castle. Rikke Falck and Carsten Møller live daily at the small Egholm castle. Some of the rooms can be booked for tours, meetings or other.

Egholm has not been open to the public before, and we are working to open more rooms over time. Carsten runs Egholm's farm and Rikke runs the museum. But now we are going to run the castle together with experiences for our guests.